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3 SEO Marketing Tips

Statistics show that Internet searches quickly convert into purchases, both online and in retail stores. So a person who finds their product or service available on your website is very likely to purchase it, either online or by visiting your store. So why would you not want to make your website rank high on search engine listings? Most people do not even go to the second or third pages of the search results. In today’s world of Internet-driven purchases, it is imperative that your website gets listed in the first page of the search result itself. Even that might not be enough anymore!

Getting to be among the top 3 search results will guarantee even more success for your business as statistics show that the first organic result is what more than 50% of people click on. With e-commerce being as ubiquitous as the Internet, people search for what they want from businesses that are on a global scale as well as businesses that are on a local scale. So you can get your next customer from virtually anywhere in the world!

This is where SEO marketing can help your business get to be on the first page and even among the top 3 search results of the first page! A lot of strategies can be used to ensure this, some of which are:

  • Landing pages that are dedicated to each location, product, or service that you offer. These pages should have a unique URL which further helps search engines find the page.
  • Content should be locally relevant. You can increase the number of visitors to your retail store by adding information about your store location, phone numbers, and directions, for each landing page of each of your store locations.
  • Regularly updated content will ensure that your website regularly turns up on search engine listings.

While there are many more ways to optimise your website for search engine success, starting off with just these at first will ensure that you are well on your way to being successful at SEO in Hampshire!

setting up a blog

Setting Up A Blog – It’s Easier Than You Think

Setting up a blog is the act of creating a website with chronological entries listed on the main page. Starting a blog means finding a web host that is easy to customize and use. This can help you maximize the potential of your blog. This article contains tips for maximizing the quality of your blog by using SEO & helpful websites. Continue reading

Video Marketing

Video Marketing For Small Business

Use Videos To Market Your Business Starting Today

Are you looking for new ways to market your business? Do you want to target a world-wide audience? Many modern businesses have discovered that video marketing for small business is an excellent way to reach and interact with customers. Keep reading for some hints on how to create video marketing content to improve your business. Continue reading

Website Traffic

Why can’t I just buy website traffic?

It used to be so simple, you could forget all this SEO stuff and just go along to Google to buy website traffic and advertising. Just 5 minutes later, boatloads of traffic would be turning up at your door. Now you might go back later and go for the free SEO traffic, but at least you had tested your pages first and got them converting, before waiting months for the free traffic to turn up. Continue reading

Web Chemistry

Web Chemistry To Secure High Value Clients Online

Discover how to secure High Value Clients online for your services

Are you an expert in your field looking to grow your business or ensure a regular stream of clients?

You know your stuff and people look to you for advice but how do you go about getting new clients to come to you?   Are you frustrated with all the effort you put into networking with endless chasing and follow up, not to metion the gut wrenching pain of cold calling.

So how can you get clients coming to you rather than you doing all the chasing?

Web Chemistry is a structured approach for marketing your services and managing new client relationships over the internet.

Check out our latest FREE video to:

  • Discover how to position your expertise online and avoid the cycle of feast and famine
  • How to save time and the frustration of endless follow-up
  • Top 3 strategies that build residual income streams and that raise your daily fees
  • What is the most critical factor for selling high value services over the internet (hint: it’s not relationship building)
  • How to consistently manage and control your sales funnel  to achieve the right level of client flow

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Compare Web Hosting

What’s The Top Tip When You Compare Web Hosting?

It’s always tempting to look for the cheapest deal when you compare web hosting. But beware, getting the right marketing results isn’t all about the website and upfront design.

It’s also about reliable service that supports your business promotion every day. For many businesses, the web operations have become an important contribution to the bottom line. Make sure that you take this into account when you next compare web hosting.

The critical elements of a web hosting service are: Continue reading

Vinyl Jacket

Have you heard of Vinyl Jacket?

What has Vinyl Jacket got to do with Internet Marketing?

Often, when I sit down with my clients and show them Google’s statistics for different web searches, dollar signs start to appear in their eyes and they want to go for the high traffic phrases.

Who wouldn’t want a first page share of the 41,000 people who daily type in the search phrase “Mortgages” ? But the reality is that you just don’t stand a chance of getting to the top of the list of 39M pages. Continue reading