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Compare Web Hosting

What’s The Top Tip When You Compare Web Hosting?

It’s always tempting to look for the cheapest deal when you compare web hosting. But beware, getting the right marketing results isn’t all about the website and upfront design.

It’s also about reliable service that supports your business promotion every day. For many businesses, the web operations have become an important contribution to the bottom line. Make sure that you take this into account when you next compare web hosting.

The critical elements of a web hosting service are: Continue reading

Vinyl Jacket

Have you heard of Vinyl Jacket?

What has Vinyl Jacket got to do with Internet Marketing?

Often, when I sit down with my clients and show them Google’s statistics for different web searches, dollar signs start to appear in their eyes and they want to go for the high traffic phrases.

Who wouldn’t want a first page share of the 41,000 people who daily type in the search phrase “Mortgages” ? But the reality is that you just don’t stand a chance of getting to the top of the list of 39M pages. Continue reading

Strategy Internet Marketing

Strategy Internet Marketing for Improving Online Business

If you want to spread the presence of your online business it’s important to get your strategy internet marketing in place.  Your strategy has to be specific to the product and service offered and more importantly suit the audience you are targeting. You need to understand the demographics of the market being targeted have analytics and have analytics in place to measure the success of your Strategy internet marketing.

Addressing the audience

Different audiences use the internet and react to marketing campaigns very differently. An online business should focus on the primary audience and design their promotional strategies accordingly. For example, a product targeting women should have a different promotional campaign online compared to something that purely targets men. The sites and the places one would advertise the product or services would also be different for men and women.

Blogging and forum posting

The blogs and forums that your target customers usually visit should be an important part of your strategy internet marketing.  Selecting the right forums to talk about the product or the service is very important. These blogs and forums also help in driving traffic towards the website that you are trying to promote or advertise. Experienced consultants usually offer strategy internet marketing as a solution to identify the right traffic sources and promote the product or services there. These sources could be anything from article directories to social networking sites enjoying a wide variety of audiences looking for solutions to their problems.

Using social networking

Strategy internet marketing uses social networking to a great level these days to measure the buzz around a particular product. Social networking websites are amongst the most visited sites on the internet and emphasis should be laid on promoting your website or product on the social networking sites. Whether it is Twitter or Facebook, using them to find out how much people are interested in the upcoming product or service, will help giving indicators to business owners. Similarly they also offer a platform to talk about the product and answer queries of potential customers. Social networking sites can be a good place to get genuine feedback that can help business improve their products and services in order to reach out to a greater part of the audience.

Personal interactive strategies

Personal promotion in the form of direct mail campaigns is something that online businesses can consider as far as strategy internet marketing is concerned. Direct mail campaigns can target a specific audience, for example of a particular place, in a certain income bracket. This strategy works well in some cases and once again depends on the kind of product or service that you are offering.

This just gives you a flavour of strategy internet marketing tactics you can follow – check out the rest of our site for more information.

internet advertising marketing

Internet Advertising Marketing – Will It Bring New Customers To My Door

More and more companies are now allocating part of their budget for internet advertising marketing but will it  bring new customers to your business?

Building a loyal client base through internet advertising marketing doesn’t happen overnight and one has to use all the right strategies and methods to ensure that more and more potential customers visit the website where the products and services are being promoted.

Benefits of internet advertising marketing and how it works

Business owners with limited budgets can make every penny count through internet advertising marketing. Often a store, its staff and maintenance can be a big drain on the business. On the other hand, attracting prospective online customers helps to avoid all those costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of the business. This in turn can be shared with the customers. Lower prices are always more attractive from a customer’s perspective. A good website with interactive features and 24 X 7 customer support service to answer the queries that interested visitors may have, is a good start for internet advertising marketing.

At the heart of a good website is the content on the pages.  This needs to be optimized for search engines, so that when someone looking for those products and services online searches with specific search phrases, your site comes up on the first page of the search engine lists.

The next step would be to generate more leads to the website where your products or services are on offer. Lead generation can be done through select postings on various forums, blogs and social networking sites online to appeal to the target audience. For example, if you are offering electronics goods, posting on blogs that talk about technology and the latest gadgets could drive a lot of potential customers to your site.

Another kind of lead generation is the pay per click ad service, where ads are selectively placed on sites which attract a large number of visitors who are your target audience as well. You need to pay those sites for every ad clicked by a visitor to come to your site. This enhances traffic to your site, and over a few months a steady traffic is built.

All these are different ways of internet advertising marketing to generate traffic to your site.

The downside of internet advertising marketing

There are a few disadvantages of internet advertising marketing. The first is obviously the turnaround time. Unlike a brick and mortar store which can be promoted to bring customers right from the first day, online sites will take time to gain popularity. It takes time and effort to get the content in place and optimise your site.  One has to use analytics to constantly monitor the traffic to a site and how many visitors it is attracting every day. Business owners also need to monitor which other sites are generating traffic and which ones aren’t, so that less money is wasted on advertisements placed on the latter. All this has to be done constantly until the site creates its own niche over a period of time.

But get it right and the rewards far outweigh the effort.  You’ll be getting floods of new customers to your business.

To find out how you can drive customers to your own site, download our free report now.

Is Kajabi the end of WordPress?

I think you all know that I’m a big fan of wordpress. Quite simply, I’ve never found anything better for attracting traffic over the internet and publishing my content.

Then 3 months ago I started beta testing Kajabi, this is a premium content delivery platform from Internet Guru Andy Jenkins and I’ve now become a fan. Not only does it deliver the content, but it also stimulates audience interaction and takes the payment. It’s a complete information marketing system in a box.

Well it’s not out yet, but you can download a Kajabi internet marketing report at: http://get.kajabi.com/

Better still, there’s no optin or any other hurdle. It seems that Andy Jenkins has got so many leads on his list, he just doesn’t need any more.

Incidentally, don’t panic, it’s not a substitute for WordPress. When it come to traffic generation – WordPress is still K I N G ! … But it’s a great augmentation for delivering your content to your WordPress customers.

Hopefully the software will be out soon!

Video SEO

Video SEO and Internet Video Marketing

Now many of you have heard me talk about the importance of establishing links from other people’s web sites to your own. Google regards websites with a large number of back links as high authority. For instance, Wikipedia has 75 million websites linking in and so it’s never far from the top of Google.

Now some sites offer free content to web masters who want to put articles on their own web sites. A few years ago, I discovered that I could put an article onto these sites with my embedded links and as people copied the articles onto their own site; I would automatically get their back links. Better still, other web masters would copy these duplicates and so the number of back links would spread exponentially.

So what’s Internet Marketing got to do with Video SEO?

Then Google stopped the party by ignoring duplicate content. They now only use the original article and discount all the clones. Hence no more rapid increase in back links.

Video SEO

Well the party has started again! You can now get the same effect with videos because Google can’t recognise copies. Better still, they index videos almost immediately. We’ve now got software for farming your videos out to 1000s of directories and video sites to power your back links.

This means, you can get to the top quickly and spread your brand across the internet using these Video SEO techniques. Besides, everyone loves videos, they act as a great engagement tool for your site visitors. Look at your site stats and you’ll see that your pages with videos keep your visitors on the site for longer.

If you’d like to exploit these video SEO and marketing techniques then sign up for the Internet Marketing Blueprint.

Web Design Hampshire

Web Design Hampshire: The biggest mistake you can make with your new site build!

Yes, getting a stunning design is important, but don’t even think about choosing one of the web design Hampshire businesses until you’ve covered this base! Click here to find out more …

I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point:

This is not your normal web design company. If you’re only looking for slick flash pages or dazzling web design, then this site is not for you. Instead, this site can teach you something very different, something very powerful.

But first let me illustrate the top blunder where website designers frequently go wrong, with this Hampshire client case study.

Recently a client proudly showed me their new website that had been designed by a London agency for £12,000 and they now wanted to know how they could now get customers to see the site. Unfortunately, the answer was to spend another £12,000 on advertising to drive people to their Web address.

You see, this “fancy” new site was all done in Flash and so was completely invisible to the search engines. Too many people address the design first and then getting customers second. Continue reading

Developing my first product was a complete disaster!

When I first started internet marketing, I was really hung up about developing my own product. I sweated blood and tears and created what I thought was a damn good product. But then disaster, I couldn’t sell it over the internet – there was no market!

My first breakthrough happened completely in reverse. Instead of creating a product first:

  1. I found a market
  2. Built a list
  3. and then I asked them what they wanted

Strangely, I never did create a product, because I sold them someone else’s product that met their requirements and earned 60% commission in the process. I just sat back and watched the commission checks roll in … It was pretty miraculous.

Nowadays, after going through Michael Jones’s course, I don’t even look for a market. I now start with a good selling product that already has a guaranteed market.

The challenge is then to OUT-MARKET the competition so that you make money after paying your marketing costs.

Michael Jones includes a spreadsheet profit calculator to make sure that you recoup your full marketing costs before you even start.

Check it out at:


I tried so hard my head fell off…

If you’re like me, your head is probably starting to spin with the zillions of internet marketing techniques out there.  Are you starting to make headway or yet to make sense of it all?

For me, there was a lot to get to grips with when I was starting out but a lesson I learnt early on was to develop a relationship with your customers.

You pay all this money through pay per click (PPC) or other search engine optimisation tactics to get a visitor to your site, they come and visit but they’re not ready to buy anything.  They just want to do a bit of research and move on quickly, they click away and you’ve lost them for good. Continue reading