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Why can’t I just buy website traffic?

It used to be so simple, you could forget all this SEO stuff and just go along to Google to buy website traffic and advertising. Just 5 minutes later, boatloads of traffic would be turning up at your door. Now you might go back later and go for the free SEO traffic, but at least you had tested your pages first and got them converting, before waiting months for the free traffic to turn up.

Buy Website Traffic

In fact, this is the time-honoured way in which all advertising used to work. You’d place an advert, wait for it to go live and then start answering the phone. However, Google then changed the rules for their “Pay Per Click” (ppc) advertising – they introduced the quality score and now you need SEO even for Google advertising. You see, they’ve become pretty strict about what you can advertise, how you advertise and they want to see the keyword phrases so that they can be sure that you’re not mis-advertising.

I guess their system was abused and they had to tighten up, but it’s still a pain.

So how can you quickly buy website traffic?

My friends over at the Disc Directory have now opened up their own advertsing programme. The Disc Directory allows businesses to register themselves and then they help you collect independent feedback from your customers which you can use for your marketing purposes. In fact, they’ve been so successful that they now get 360,000 visitors per month.

If you would like to buy website traffic then just click on the image below:

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