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Now you’re beginning to see how your website can start creating real customers by better Lead Capture. Better still, they’re coming to you and this vastly improves your negotiating position when setting price. In any negotiation, the side that has the most options has the strongest position and there’s nothing like a steady stream of customers for building your price.

Besides, customers expect to climb the mountain to meet the guru – not the other way round.

But it doesn’t stop there, you have to land the fish, bring them in and create a lasting relationship before you’ve got a proper customer.

Reeling In for Lead Capture

Until you capture the customer’s contact details, you’ve got nothing. At a minimum you must get their first name and email address. I like to also collect their top priority problem, their phone number and permission to contact them. That way, I can qualify them and I’ve got an intro for the follow-up call.

However, there must be a strong incentive to motivate the customer to fill in these details. I provide a free download report – a lead magnet.

The download could be product samples, tips or “results in advance”. Either way, this helps build trust in the eventual service or product that you offer.

Sometimes, I will also ration the report or provide a deadline so that there is a strong reason to act now rather than later.

Clockwork Sales Lead Magnet

Clockwork Sales Lead Magnet

Now comes the best part. Once you have their email address and appropriate permission, you can set your auto-responder to create an email sequence. It is unlikely, that customers will buy from you after only one exposure to your sales message. The automatic email sequence allows you to follow up every few days with further tips so as to gradually build a relationship.

At some point, there will be sufficient understanding and trust in your offer for the customer to be ready to buy.

Find out how to Lead Capture and create the Web Chemistry so that your visitors turn into customers

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