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Search Engine Optimisation is all about driving traffic to your website or blog from search engine results that are organic, free, or natural.

Today, almost the entire world is on the Internet. Smart phones have made the Internet accessible 24/7. More and more people are turning to the Internet to shop. They are looking for information for both services and products. They are looking for companies likes yours. So make sure you are seen by them! We are a team of SEO experts based in Portsmouth, please fill out your details in the form further down the page for more information.

Our SEO & Digital Marketing Services in Portsmouth

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On Site SEO Portsmouth

What earns a top position in Google or any other major search engine results is good on page content. It needs to match what the user typed in, be relevant and solve the user’s problem.

Google measures the quality of a result by if the keyword is mentioned in the content, the length of the content, time on site, bounce rate and many other factors.

Optimising your content for the search engines and the user is important and without it off site optimisation and pay per click advertising can be wasted.

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Off Site SEO Portsmouth

Backlinks which are also known as inbound links are absolutely critical for ranking websites, and since the dawn of Google it has been the biggest ranking factor.  Google uses the amount and the strength of your inbound links as a way of determining popularity and importance.

The top 10 search engine results for even a low competition has high authority inbound links pointing to them.  To get on the first page of Google you need social shares, high authority links, directories, local citations, press releases and guest posts linking through to your website.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click, PPC or paid search marketing is fastest way to get targeted traffic to your website. It puts you at the top of Google for your chosen keywords.  Because pay per click advertising is so controllable we recommend using it first to measure conversion rates.

The advantage of using PPC is it allows you to calculate the cost of a lead or conversion, which means you can make small adjustments to reduce the cost per lead. If you are looking to increase you client base,  sales margins and get more sales right now, then paid advertising is the place to get started.

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Website Design Portsmouth

Clockwork Sales is a local marketing company which specialise in marketing and getting targeted traffic to your website. Our websites are optimised to rank highly, but we also understand the importance of design. If you choose Clockwork Sales, your website will be done properly and will not be vulnerable to short cuts.

We use a content management system called WordPress, because it is written using Google compliant code and is preferred by Google, Bing & Yahoo. We use several SEO optimised plugins which gives you an edge over your competitors. As well as being great for search marketing it is also easy to add and edit content yourself.

google local marketing

Google Local Marketing

Google local listings are businesses with a location which appear on the first page for local keyword searches. They also show up regularly on mobile phones and appear on Google maps.

Considering 70% of Google queries contain a location when searching for services or products, it is critical that your local listing is shown rather than your competitors.

If you don’t have your business listed on Google maps, we recommend you do this first. Having an optimised Google business page is a quickest way to get traffic, leads & phone calls for your services at your business location.

reputation management

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of influencing your companies online reputation. Just about anyone has the ability to create an angry review, blog post, forum post or article.  This could be an unhappy customer, ex employee or a competitor. We encourage our clients to try and get in contact with the negative reviewer first to try and resolve their problem.

This isn’t always possible, leaving you with no choice but to use reputation management. We do this by boosting existing websites which positively endorse your company. We also submit your website to multiple business directories pushing the negative reviews further down the search engine results.

Some Of Our Clients

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SEO Consultant Portsmouth

More Leads For Your Business

You know getting more leads from your website is the next step for business growth.  Everyone uses the web to look for services and outdated forms of advertising are no longer cutting it.

We have over 8 years of internet marketing experience enabling you to get a high return on investment.

We don’t spread our services to thinly and give our customers websites the attention they deserve. As I am typing this it is January 2017 and we have 3 available digital marketing slots. If you are interested in our services and would like a review of your website, please fill out your details to the right and we will get back to you.

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testimonialChristopher Chadwick, MD at RESQSKI

Will has set up and executed a social media strategy with a focus on maximising revenue at lowest unit cost. His expertise, enthusiasm, responsiveness and creativity have been outstanding in furthering the marketing capability of my company.

0148f7940Omar Tunio, Managing Partner at Berkeley Square Medical

We started using SEO companies in early 2014, with a national company at a substantially higher cost, and we did not get any results or an audit of the work carried out! We chose William after seeing another site he optimised for the similar keywords performing well in Google, on the first page in fact.

After choosing William, he came up with an excellent partner affiliate scheme and optimised us for key surgery specially in the London market. He then explained search optimisation in a way we could understand and explained what had been done and what needed improving. We now rank on the first page for most surgeries and are happy with the search results we get. Our impressions and CTR has increased dramatically (that William also monitors through webmaster tools) over the months since working with William.

We hope to build on this with Williams help on some of the other more competitive keywords we are targeting too.

Jeremy Doe, MDJeremy Doe, Director at Sussex Hardwoods

I wish to express my thanks to you and your team at Mindsheet Ltd for the great work you have achieved with our new website:

Through your in-depth study of my business, the market we work in and products we manufacture, you have designed a site that has already raised our profile online and as a result has brought us our first piece of overseas business.

You set out to create a model to increase our sales leads and market profile. This has been achieved through high level management consultancy with great results and is continuing to be improved on an ongoing basis. The differential factor between Mindsheet and other business consultancy and especially website designers is in your approach to finding the most effective model, by constantly reviewing and testing performance.

May I also state here that your communication with our marketing team has been excellent, leaving us with a feeling of a ‘seamless connection’ between our businesses, something that is not always possible, but which in this case has produced a most effective working environment.

With your well informed, can-do, professional approach, I would have every faith in recommending Mindsheet Ltd and will do so with confidence.

geoffDownesGeoff Downes from the band The Original Asia

Getting my site put together was just like having my sound engineer beside me when I record in the studio. I can’t think why no other web company does this, but then maybe that’s down to your unique communication skills.

Best of luck I reckon you are on to a winner with this approach to web site creation.

There are two types of results, organic results and paid results. Paid results are those that show up when website owners have paid for their website to be displayed when a relevant search comes up. Organic results, on the other hand, happen naturally when the search keywords match the keywords on the website. Paid results appear to the top or to the right of organic results and visually different.

Getting your website to rank highly on will ensure that it is displayed naturally when someone types in the keywords that are on your website too. Why is this important? Why should you pay attention to SEO marketing? How will making sure that your website is SEO friendly be advantageous for your business?

For more information about how SEO in Portsmouth can help you, please get in contact with us now!