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Identification and reaching target market segments

Vinyl Jacket

Have you heard of Vinyl Jacket?

What has Vinyl Jacket got to do with Internet Marketing?

Often, when I sit down with my clients and show them Google’s statistics for different web searches, dollar signs start to appear in their eyes and they want to go for the high traffic phrases.

Who wouldn’t want a first page share of the 41,000 people who daily type in the search phrase “Mortgages” ? But the reality is that you just don’t stand a chance of getting to the top of the list of 39M pages. Continue reading

Is Kajabi the end of WordPress?

I think you all know that I’m a big fan of wordpress. Quite simply, I’ve never found anything better for attracting traffic over the internet and publishing my content.

Then 3 months ago I started beta testing Kajabi, this is a premium content delivery platform from Internet Guru Andy Jenkins and I’ve now become a fan. Not only does it deliver the content, but it also stimulates audience interaction and takes the payment. It’s a complete information marketing system in a box.

Well it’s not out yet, but you can download a Kajabi internet marketing report at:

Better still, there’s no optin or any other hurdle. It seems that Andy Jenkins has got so many leads on his list, he just doesn’t need any more.

Incidentally, don’t panic, it’s not a substitute for WordPress. When it come to traffic generation – WordPress is still K I N G ! … But it’s a great augmentation for delivering your content to your WordPress customers.

Hopefully the software will be out soon!

The 2 Niche Finder Golden Rules You Must Follow!

The internet is flooded with competition from all walks of life. If you are thinking about setting up an internet business in a general market area you might as well take the money you are about to invest and throw it out of the window. To be honest there’s no way someone new to the internet world can hope to compete, unless they know a few insider tricks.

The only way for a new entrant to make some money quickly is to get your foot in the door with a market niche.  Before you take the plunge into any new market, you need to drill down to discover where the niches are.

The definition of a niche is a special area of demand for a product or service; a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

Where do you start?  You’ve probably got a few ideas on the type of product or service you want to offer based on your experience or interests or from seeing where others have had success online already. Take this market and think about what broad search terms or keywords people would type in to research it.  Now take your search term and run it through one of the internet niche marketing software applications to generate niche keywords.

An easy, free keyword tool is the Google Keyword Tool

Your broad term should generate a list of keyword results.  You can take any of those results and search further on them to drill right down to the niche terms.

There are 2 golden rules to follow to select a niche business that will work quickly for you.

Rule 1:  People should already be searching for that niche.

Google Keyword Tool estimates how many searches there are on your chosen term.   You need to select a niche that already generates some level of interest.

Choose a niche term that generates more than 1,000+ searches per month or 33+ searches per day.

Rule 2:  Choose a niche with limited competition.

The quickest way to see how competitive your niche is, is to type that exact niche keyword or phrase into the search engine using speech marks around your phrase.  (Whilst people rarely use speech marks when searching, it establishes how competitive the search term is if your site was optimised to match exactly what people are looking for).

The number of search engine results (pages) for your keyword niche should be 10,000 or less.

1,000+ searches a month, combined with 10,000 pages or less will give you the best chance of success with your niche.  But if you are struggling to find anything you want to exploit, try relaxing the boundaries a little as you may still reap rewards.

  • It’s still worth considering any niche with less than 10,000 competing pages, regardless of how many searches there are.
  • On the flip side as long as a 1,000 searches or more are carried out per month, you can increase your limit of competing pages to allow up to 20,000 search engine results.

For example, let’s say you have an interest in fitness and you know triathlons are pretty popular, then try to see if there’s a niche you can exploit.   Typing in the phrase triathlon into the Google Keyword Tool gives you many different keywords such as triathlon bikes, triathlon training, triathlon fitness, triathlon wetsuit.

I carried out a further search on triathlon wetsuit and came up with women’s triathlon wetsuit as a possible niche.  A search on Google gave me these quick results:

Monthly searches Competing pages
women’s triathlon wetsuit 1000 175,000
women’s triathlon wetsuits 480 33
womens triathlon wetsuit 320 296,000
womens triathlon wetsuits 210 48

Whilst none of the keyword phrases fulfil the criteria of >1000 searches and <10,000 competing pages, “women’s triathlon wetsuits” is definitely worth considering as there are only 33 competing pages for this keyword phrase – perhaps you can get to the top in no time!

So get started with your niche market research now and remember the 2 niche finder golden rules to help you make your decisions.

To find out more about creating web sites that drive boat loads of customers your way, download my free report now.

What’s the single greatest advantage you can have over your competitors?

Here’s a question that was often posed by Gary Halbert, the late legendary copywriter, to his students:

“If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?”

After hearing all the wonderful ideas back from his students, Gary’s response was always the same;

“The only advantage I want


A Starving Crowd!”

It’s a simple message really and one that extends far beyond the direct marketing discipline where Gary made his name.

It’s your job to find that hungry market and feed them what they are already hungry for rather than blindly developing solutions for a market with no desire. It makes absolutely no sense to design a product if you first do not know what your customers want or what their problems are.

Seek out the starving crowd in your chosen market and you’ll have the greatest advantage over your competitors.

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