Getting Website Traffic

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting website traffic? in other words not enough visitors to your website.


No Traffic - Website Lost in the Desert

No Traffic - Website Lost in the Desert

Over 95% of businesses have websites that don’t attract internet traffic. The cheapest way to correct this marketing failure is search engine optimisation. You can get to the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN by understanding the methods that search engines use to index your site.

Make it easy for their robot crawlers to find your site and then associate each page with the most relevant and popular keyword phrases used by searchers is the surest way for getting website traffic and ultimately more customers.

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Getting Website Traffic

Getting Website Traffic

Pole Position for One of Our Own Businesses

Before you get started find keywords and phrases which relate to your products or services. Tools like “Google Keyword Suggestion” find which keywords are typed most into search engines.

However, there’s more to it than just using the most popular keywords. The phrase website has a mind boggling 201,205 searches per day. But let’s face it; you’re never going to get to the top against 1.4 billion rival pages!

Instead look for untapped niches, keywords where there are a reasonably high number of searches but little competition.

Traffic Optimisation techniques fall into two camps. One is to work on optimising the “on website” side of your site the other is to work on the “off website” side by external promotion. Used together you can treble your chances of success and increase website traffic.

Getting Website Traffic

Internet Traffic Techniques Fall into 2 Camps

Internet Traffic Techniques Fall into 2 Camps

Camp 1- On website

Optimise every aspect of your site including the invisible descriptions seen only by the robot crawlers. But most importantly: the highly visible domain name, title and headings can increase the rankings of your website tenfold.

Most businesses put the obscure name of their company into the domain name. What you want is to find a domain name that is close to the term that your customers are searching for; this brings in targeted website traffic. Now the search engines know you are highly relevant and put you high on their list.

Is your title relevant? Search engine robots (particularly Google’s) search your site for synonyms and keywords to make sure you aren’t scamming them with a title that doesn’t relate. Everything must be in step or else you risk the Google Black List!

Camp 2- Off Website

Search engine optimisation doesn’t just include changing the layout and content. Other techniques outside of the website need to be used for getting website traffic. You can maximise your search engine ranking by employing:

  • Viral & Social Network Marketing – Tell as many people as possible about your website, my favourite is twitter which many businesses now use as a way to tell hundreds of followers about new products. But remember to moderate your sales message with social etiquette. Think of the analogy of a party, it’s OK to tell someone of your offer (if it comes up in conversation) but don’t be a bore and overdo it.
  • Directories and Link Partnering – Try making a promotional video on YouTube to attract customers, this doesn’t have to be hard, a cool slide show of images and words on programmes such as windows movie maker will do.
  • Articles & Forums – Write articles and put them onto other people’s blogs, portals or forums. Remember to include links to your website.

Getting Website Traffic

Although my favourite is Paid Advertising, you can get masses of website traffic  in minutes by using Google Adwords for instance. However this is the biggest way to lose money when you don’t know what you’re doing. Either way, if you’re not getting website traffic then your website is never going to work!

So once you’ve mastered the art of getting the traffic, what now?  What are you going to do with it?  How do you build relationships and make money from that traffic?

Web Chemistry is a structured approach for getting website traffic and turning that traffic into high value relationships.

I’ve put together a short video on Web Chemistry and in it I show you how to  build strong relationships and position your expertise online to get website traffic even while you sleep.

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