Vinyl Jacket

Have you heard of Vinyl Jacket?

What has Vinyl Jacket got to do with Internet Marketing?

Often, when I sit down with my clients and show them Google’s statistics for different web searches, dollar signs start to appear in their eyes and they want to go for the high traffic phrases.

Who wouldn’t want a first page share of the 41,000 people who daily type in the search phrase “Mortgages” ? But the reality is that you just don’t stand a chance of getting to the top of the list of 39M pages.

However, there is another way. Try and anticipate what is going to become hot next, before all the competition has gone for the same phrase.

So what has Vinyl Jacket got to do with SEO?

One of my clients tried this tactic a few weeks ago. Her cousin was in an up and coming band called “Vinyl Jacket”. She had the inside scoop and created a page for the group on her site. Well it worked, she’s got top page ranking and the phrase has brought in 130 visitors. The success of this page will now depend on the fortunes of “Vinyl Jacket”.

Furthermore, the phrase is highly relevant to her business as she organises events and would like more business in the music industry.

Do you know what’s going to be hot next?

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