Traffic Conversion into Customer Sales

Good business websites use traffic conversion techniques to convert visitors into customers, but how many turn that traffic into high value repeat business?

Great business websites can do so much more:

  • Qualify and sort visitors into different market segments then route them to the most appropriate sections
  • Support Customer decision making with timely information that engenders trust and bonding
  • Stimulate their desire so that they are frantic to buy from you now!

It really comes down to 3 vital ingredients:

1. Understanding the customer

Where has the visitor come from? What search phrase were they using? Where are they in their decision cycle? Are they right for your offer? What are their objections?

Traffic conversion

Customer Decision Cycle

To achieve traffic conversion get them onto the right journey through your web site and treat them to an outstanding web experience that is:

  • Smooth and consistent
  • Has clear objectives, no more than one per page
  • Anticipates their needs and addresses them immediately

2. Riveting web copy

It really can’t be avoided – the web copy must be OUTSTANDING!

The well known advertising saying – A.I.D.A. is a good place to start with Copywriting:

A – Grab their Attention with great headlines. If you can’t get them to read the page, then all your effort is wasted

IInterest the Reader. Your copy cannot be too long – only too boring!

D – Stimulate Desire. Load your copy with BENEFITS for the reader. Get them frothing at the mouth for you offer. If you can master this craft then you will be writing your own cheques with your copy! You see the benefits

A – Achieve Action. Booking appointments, giving contact details and providing payment details are all customer actions that you’d like. But how do you influence the actions? Well, offer samples, free guides, proof, and guarantees. In particular, provide results in advance.

Everyone expects scams and fraud on the internet and so turn things round. Reverse the risk so that the customer really has nothing to lose and can only gain!

3. High performance web execution

OK, now listen up because this is absolutely key!

Do not interrupt the customer experience with unnecessary and wasteful hoops to jump through, such as:

  • Useless Flash doorway pages
  • S-l-o-w-w-w-w  loading graphics and animations
  • Or unnecessary links that distract them from your goal of traffic conversion

I guess it’s obvious, but it still happens all the time. Remember when your web designer proudly showed you their latest animated graphic. Well it only impresses you and even then it becomes mighty tedious after the 3rd or 4th viewing.

Also, bear in mind that some visitors don’t like reading from a monitor. Design the page to be skimmed and allow it to be printed out.

And finally, think of visitors with small monitors or even slow internet connections.

So back to my opening question, having achieve web traffic conversion how many companies turn that traffic into high value repeat business?

Web Chemistry is a structured approach for traffic conversion and turning it into high value relationships.

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