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Is Kajabi the end of WordPress?

I think you all know that I’m a big fan of wordpress. Quite simply, I’ve never found anything better for attracting traffic over the internet and publishing my content.

Then 3 months ago I started beta testing Kajabi, this is a premium content delivery platform from Internet Guru Andy Jenkins and I’ve now become a fan. Not only does it deliver the content, but it also stimulates audience interaction and takes the payment. It’s a complete information marketing system in a box.

Well it’s not out yet, but you can download a Kajabi internet marketing report at:

Better still, there’s no optin or any other hurdle. It seems that Andy Jenkins has got so many leads on his list, he just doesn’t need any more.

Incidentally, don’t panic, it’s not a substitute for WordPress. When it come to traffic generation – WordPress is still K I N G ! … But it’s a great augmentation for delivering your content to your WordPress customers.

Hopefully the software will be out soon!

Video SEO

Video SEO and Internet Video Marketing

Now many of you have heard me talk about the importance of establishing links from other people’s web sites to your own. Google regards websites with a large number of back links as high authority. For instance, Wikipedia has 75 million websites linking in and so it’s never far from the top of Google.

Now some sites offer free content to web masters who want to put articles on their own web sites. A few years ago, I discovered that I could put an article onto these sites with my embedded links and as people copied the articles onto their own site; I would automatically get their back links. Better still, other web masters would copy these duplicates and so the number of back links would spread exponentially.

So what’s Internet Marketing got to do with Video SEO?

Then Google stopped the party by ignoring duplicate content. They now only use the original article and discount all the clones. Hence no more rapid increase in back links.

Video SEO

Well the party has started again! You can now get the same effect with videos because Google can’t recognise copies. Better still, they index videos almost immediately. We’ve now got software for farming your videos out to 1000s of directories and video sites to power your back links.

This means, you can get to the top quickly and spread your brand across the internet using these Video SEO techniques. Besides, everyone loves videos, they act as a great engagement tool for your site visitors. Look at your site stats and you’ll see that your pages with videos keep your visitors on the site for longer.

If you’d like to exploit these video SEO and marketing techniques then sign up for the Internet Marketing Blueprint.

Web Design Hampshire

Web Design Hampshire: The biggest mistake you can make with your new site build!

Yes, getting a stunning design is important, but don’t even think about choosing one of the web design Hampshire businesses until you’ve covered this base! Click here to find out more …

I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point:

This is not your normal web design company. If you’re only looking for slick flash pages or dazzling web design, then this site is not for you. Instead, this site can teach you something very different, something very powerful.

But first let me illustrate the top blunder where website designers frequently go wrong, with this Hampshire client case study.

Recently a client proudly showed me their new website that had been designed by a London agency for £12,000 and they now wanted to know how they could now get customers to see the site. Unfortunately, the answer was to spend another £12,000 on advertising to drive people to their Web address.

You see, this “fancy” new site was all done in Flash and so was completely invisible to the search engines. Too many people address the design first and then getting customers second. Continue reading

Internet Marketing Evening Update

Internet Marketing Update Evening

Once again, Google has changed its ranking algorithms and the game has all changed. On the 9th June, they announced the “Caffeine Update” – now there is much greater emphasis on “human activity” rather than just the number of sites that link in to your web page and your page structure.

Put simply, Google monitors how well you engage your audience:

  • Do visitors stay on your page for a long time or do they bounce straight back
  • Are people subscribing to your RSS feeds and spreading the word to each other
  • And are they bookmarking your site and leaving comments

Internet Marketing Update Evening

Now if your web page failed to rank highly on Google for your favourite search keyword phrases, then this is an excellent opportunity to learn the new ropes and get to the top on this new basis.

Discover how to Turn Your Website into the

Ultimate Marketing Weapon

that will Flood Your Business with New Customers

Mindsheet are offering BNI members and guests a unique opportunity to take part in our exclusive INTERNET MARKETING WORKSHOP.

This one-off early evening session will be taking place this autumn in Havant at Langstone Technology Park.

A hands-on learning experience that will teach you internet marketing…  But more importantly, how you can get new customer leads and generate real business through your website.  If you are serious about turning your web site into the most effective marketing weapon you could possess, you can’t afford to miss this session.

With places limited to only 20 people, this is a unique opportunity to discover the latest cutting edge techniques in internet marketing with opportunity for personal coaching to turn your web site from a lifeless brochure into the best sales generation machine in the market.

Whether you are an internet marketing newbie without a website or have tried and tested lots of online formulas, this evening workshop is a must for any Hampshire business owner looking to reach new sources of business.

Please download the “Internet Lead Generation Blueprint” on our website to register your interest at:

Innovation Launch Machine

The Innovation Launch Machine

Britain has an outstanding record of invention but often misses out on exploitation. It’s hard to get risk capital to turn technology ideas into market winners.  However, it’s not just the absence of capital that causes problems:

  • Entrepreneurs often don’t understand how to create investable propositions

It’s a shame, because well executed projects that resolve technology risk in the context of strong market pull leads to the greatest value for both investors and the UK. It worked for us in the industrial revolution and today we simply can’t afford to miss the boat.

So what do I propose?

  • An investment internet portal that makes donating funds as easy as using the “Just Giving” charity site
  • Simpler financial compliance by limiting donations to small sums of money – micro-investments
  • The hosting of educational materials to help entrepreneurs create a perfect “dragon’s den” pitch

The commercialisation of this innovation launch machine will be through modest membership fees and a percentage of funds raised.

Imagine a UK that can boast more than just pioneering research and development, but that can claim to be the “first stop” for all the world’s entrepreneurs who wish to get their innovations off the ground. This would lead to a huge influx of ideas that would power our prosperity for the next century as well as solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

I’m Raglan Tribe and I’m looking for TSB investment to get my idea of the ground. Specifically,

  • The development of a legally compliant micro-investment portal with tracking and audit to ensure that investors get a great deal

If you like this concept, then please leave comments in the box below.

Attracting Traffic With Great Content

Now key to online marketing is the generation of content rich sites that target the specific keyword phrases that are typed into the search engines by your customers.

So for instance, if people type in “Mortgages for people with bad credit ratings” You would write an article that advises your customers what sort of mortgages to go for, how they can fix their bad credit scores and how to minimise the negative effects.

At this point, many of my clients throw their hands up in horror at the prospect of having to write endless articles.

But look at it this way; it’s no different to directly answering your customers’ questions and objections. Next time you have one of those phone conversations with a customer, record the dialogue and make that the basis for an article. When you publish the article, you are now addressing all your potential prospects and demonstrating your expertise to a much larger audience.

With time you will develop a cult following within your niche market. Customers will actively seek you out and be prepared to pay more as a result.

I am now looking for service providers who want to use our marketing services to become highly sought after experts in their chosen markets.

Free Consulting Report

How To Get Clients Today

Quickly Get Your Professional Service Business Off The Ground With These Handy Videos That Show You How To Get Clients Now

My name is Raglan Tribe and I’ve made a few videos to help you “kick-start” your consulting or coaching career.  Now one of the biggest barriers to setting up your own professional service practice is getting clients! You can’t really call yourself a consultant, coach or service provider until you’ve bagged your first client.   If you’re  struggling to get clients then these videos will quickly get you started.

I’ve been consulting since 2003 and have won all kinds of clients from Government to large companies such as: Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Toshiba, Finmeccanica all the way down to the very smallest of businesses. Either way, my approach is very similar. You see, it doesn’t really matter how big the organisation is, it all comes down to building relationships with individuals and the techniques are universal.

Focus on Relationship Building

  • You need to build a relationship over time before they trust you enough to undertake the service.
  • First you become visible to a client, either because of something that you’ve written or maybe a talk that you’ve given and they approach you or you go to them.
  • Next you make contact and you both agree to some follow up meeting. All the time, your credibility is growing .
  • You listen to their requirements at the follow up meeting, maybe give a presentation and this may lead to further meetings with their colleagues.
  • Then eventually you bond and connect with a potential buyer who is authorised to contract your service.
  • You reach conceptual agreement then there comes the critical stage of clinching the deal in the form of a proposal that gets contractually accepted by the client.
  • Now you deliver the assignment with great results so that they keep coming back for more and more business.  Not only that, they also refer other business to you and your practise grows in line with your delivery success.

But there are plenty of challenges.  It takes time to get clients and land the deal and that’s time without any earnings.  Your fees have to be high to recover all the lost marketing time.  There’s endless frustration with follow up and chasing.  You can’t control the flow of business with multiple opportunities on the go.  After a while you’ll rely more and more on repeat business from existing clients. This is a good sign as it demonstrates good delivery, but it also can limit the growth of your practise.

But I told you that you can get clients today! So how do you overcome these obstacles and build high value relationships that yield business without sacrificing all your precious time. Well you either focus on prospects where you aready have a relationship such as ex colleagues or previous customers or the answer lies in Web Chemistry.

So What Is Web Chemistry?

… and How Can It Get Clients Today

Web Chemistry is a structured approach for getting clients and managing new client relationships over the internet.  I’ve put together a short video on web chemistry and in it I show you:

  • How to position your expertise online and avoid the cycle of feast and famine
  • How to save time and the frustration of endless follow-up
  • The top 3 strategies that build residual income streams and that raise your daily fees
  • The most critical factor for selling high value services over the internet (hint: it’s not relationship building)
  • How to consistently manage and control your sales funnel  to achieve the right level of client flow

Web Chemistry helps you  build strong relationships and position your expertise online to secure high value clients, even while you sleep.

Watch my video to find out more and get clients now.

The 1 Tip You Need To Know Before You Start Consulting

If you are thinking about becoming a consultant you are probably already expert in some sought after field and would now like to exploit the potential of your expertise for generating consulting income.

Consulting is a great way for generating substantial income, raising your profile and expanding your network and even horizons.

But how do you get started? Or more importantly where will you get clients from?

This report, based on my own consulting experience over the last 8 years, reveals hard won secrets for driving your consulting success. These tips will get you quickly started along the consulting road.

Consulting Report
Enter Email For Instant Access To: 6 Secrets To Kick-Start Your Consulting Career Report and Video

I suppose the greatest tip I ever received when starting my consulting career was don’t sell your service, instead focus on building relationships. Now think about this for a moment, how do you start a relationship?

Well, I generally do this by giving the client something of value without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It’s called “Giver’s Gain” or “What goes around comes around” and when it comes to consulting, nothing is more true than this expression.

Now in the spirit of this approach, I have compiled a report detailing some of my top consulting secrets. Secrets that have lead to millions of pounds of consulting business. In this cool report, I show you how to:

  • Get lucrative clients
  • Better still, how to get clients coming to you!
  • Managing the client pitch so that your service is seen as irresistible
  • Writing the proposal so as to clinch the deal
  • And so on …

Create a Lead Generation Marketing Machine for your Consulting Practice And …

Discover how to secure High Value Clients online for your services

Even While You Sleep. Yours FREE …

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • Discover how to position your expertise online and avoid the cycle of feast and famine
  • How to save time and the frustration of endless follow-up
  • Top 3 strategies that build residual income streams and that raise your daily fees
  • The most critical factor for selling high value services over the internet (hint: it’s not relationship building)
  • How to consistently manage and control your sales funnel  to achieve the right level of client flow

Just watch the video and the enter your email into the box below to get access to Web Chemistry and further consulting tips: