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Innovation Launch Machine

The Innovation Launch Machine

Britain has an outstanding record of invention but often misses out on exploitation. It’s hard to get risk capital to turn technology ideas into market winners.  However, it’s not just the absence of capital that causes problems:

  • Entrepreneurs often don’t understand how to create investable propositions

It’s a shame, because well executed projects that resolve technology risk in the context of strong market pull leads to the greatest value for both investors and the UK. It worked for us in the industrial revolution and today we simply can’t afford to miss the boat.

So what do I propose?

  • An investment internet portal that makes donating funds as easy as using the “Just Giving” charity site
  • Simpler financial compliance by limiting donations to small sums of money – micro-investments
  • The hosting of educational materials to help entrepreneurs create a perfect “dragon’s den” pitch

The commercialisation of this innovation launch machine will be through modest membership fees and a percentage of funds raised.

Imagine a UK that can boast more than just pioneering research and development, but that can claim to be the “first stop” for all the world’s entrepreneurs who wish to get their innovations off the ground. This would lead to a huge influx of ideas that would power our prosperity for the next century as well as solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

I’m Raglan Tribe and I’m looking for TSB investment to get my idea of the ground. Specifically,

  • The development of a legally compliant micro-investment portal with tracking and audit to ensure that investors get a great deal

If you like this concept, then please leave comments in the box below.

BSc (Hons) in Internet Marketing

I’ll let you into a secret …

In good years we bring in £1m of sales, in bad years, like last year, we still did £536k.  But without the internet we’d do nothing.

You see my whole innovation business relies on the internet for:

  • Secondary market research
  • Technology brokering
  • Participant recruitment
  • Online surveys
  • New customer recruitment for our services
  • Relationship building

and so on….

However a few years ago, our internet skills were very hit and miss.  I couldn’t get predictable results.

And then I discovered Commission Blueprint.  Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey showed me how to:

  • conduct keyword research
  • find market niches
  • develop converting websites
  • conduct search engine optimisation
  • conduct pay per click advertising

Based on their advice we even launched some new internet businesses that sell other peoples’ products.

It’s no big shake yet but they do bring in a comfortable amount that pays our rent in a high tech technology park.

Well Tim and Steve have done it again.  They’ve completely updated their training programme and included a whole load of new tools and materials.

Check out:

Again I have just bought the updated programme and really the term Commission Blueprint is a misnomer.  Yes it helped us set up some side-businesses that frankly have allowed us to survive the recession BUT, more importantly, it taught us the principles of internet marketing and is core to our business.

Now this is not for everyone, it’s not cheap and it’s not a get rich quick scheme.  Instead it’s a solid training course teaching the application of universal marketing principals to the internet.  It will take dedication and hard work to realise its full potential but your business will not look back.