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Web Design Hampshire: The biggest mistake you can make with your new site build!

Yes, getting a stunning design is important, but don’t even think about choosing one of the web design Hampshire businesses until you’ve covered this base! Click here to find out more …

I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point:

This is not your normal web design company. If you’re only looking for slick flash pages or dazzling web design, then this site is not for you. Instead, this site can teach you something very different, something very powerful.

But first let me illustrate the top blunder where website designers frequently go wrong, with this Hampshire client case study.

Recently a client proudly showed me their new website that had been designed by a London agency for £12,000 and they now wanted to know how they could now get customers to see the site. Unfortunately, the answer was to spend another £12,000 on advertising to drive people to their Web address.

You see, this “fancy” new site was all done in Flash and so was completely invisible to the search engines. Too many people address the design first and then getting customers second.

Web Design Hampshire

Now, I get to see the site statistics for all my customers and the truth is that good design has little in common with getting and keeping site visitors. Much more important is to have your site built on a “Search Engine Friendly” platform and to be laser targeted with your content so that you address their top queries and needs.

But you really don’t have to choose between good design and search engine optimisation; we can work with top designers and use their designs to skin our search engine friendly websites any way you like.

Furthermore, you can change or refresh the design theme as often as you want without having to change or reload the site content.

Great, so now we’ve got the design out of the way, just how do you make a website work for your business and attract targeted web traffic like Clockwork. The answer is from the bottom up. You must be focussed on your target audience:

  • What are their deepest desires?
  • Their fears?
  • The language that they use?
  • Their prejudices?
  • Their demographics?
  • What sites do they frequent?

And so …

Now comes the important bit, what do they type into the search engines? What are they actively searching for? Then it’s up to you to give them the answers on your web site.

If you’re having problems being specific, then your audience is probably too broad. Refine your market segmentation, break it down into identifiable niches and concentrate on the highest priority ones. Of course, it’s possible for your website to address multiple niches, but at the very least – each website page (or post) should focus on just one search phrase in a specific niche.

It takes a bit of time, but knowing these answers drives the whole site development process: the structure, the meta-tags, the pages, the copy, customer journeys, plug-ins and capture mechanisms.  If I’m losing you with jargon at this point, then all I’m simply trying to say is,

“Understand your target market, get a search engine friendly site built for you and jam pack it full of content that appeals to your market – give them what they are looking for”.

So how do you do this is practice.  Well here’s a great example right in front of you. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, but now you can see that this article is targeted at business owners in Hampshire, who’ve typed in the keyword phrase “Web Design Hampshire”.

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