Developing my first product was a complete disaster!

When I first started internet marketing, I was really hung up about developing my own product. I sweated blood and tears and created what I thought was a damn good product. But then disaster, I couldn’t sell it over the internet – there was no market!

My first breakthrough happened completely in reverse. Instead of creating a product first:

  1. I found a market
  2. Built a list
  3. and then I asked them what they wanted

Strangely, I never did create a product, because I sold them someone else’s product that met their requirements and earned 60% commission in the process. I just sat back and watched the commission checks roll in … It was pretty miraculous.

Nowadays, after going through Michael Jones’s course, I don’t even look for a market. I now start with a good selling product that already has a guaranteed market.

The challenge is then to OUT-MARKET the competition so that you make money after paying your marketing costs.

Michael Jones includes a spreadsheet profit calculator to make sure that you recoup your full marketing costs before you even start.

Check it out at:

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