Can you start earning internet money in 15 mins?

Now some people have asked me, how soon can they start making money online? Well you could do it in as little as 15 mins. Certainly, the quickest way would be the following steps:

  1. Go to and set up a Clickbank account
  2. Pick an affiliate product from the Clickbank marketplace (check out the commissions which typically are about 60% – not bad if the product is around $100)
  3. Get an affiliate link for your chosen product with your Clickbank account name embedded in the link
  4. Go to Google Adwords, set up an advert against some relevant keywords. Use your Clickbank affiliate link inside the advert as the destination URL


Now sit back and wait for the wonga to roll in! All with no website and no customer list. What could be easier?

Well quite a lot really …

You see although it might be technically possible to make money in record time with the above steps. You’d have to be either very lucky or truly expert to pull off this stunt.

If you do lack the experience? then you’d probably pick the wrong market, wrong product, get the advert and keywords wrong and end up wasting a ton of money on Google Adwords!

The simplest way to getting it right is to follow a step by step course, such as Michael Jones’ Clickbank code, check it out at:

ClickBank Code

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