Autopilot Lead Generation for Professional Services

In this recession, we’re all having to work harder than ever before to win customers. I think the most frustrating element isn’t getting a rejection, but endless delays and procrastination from the customer.

Of course, it’s understandable – budgets are tight and there are just so many more stakeholders involved in any purchasing decision. But how do you stop yourself from going insane with all the chasing and waiting?

In my case, I use my lead capture system. Everyday 2-3 people subscribe to my newsletter and a third of you have left me your phone number and highlighted your greatest challenges.

Following up with your calls is now a breeze, somehow it completely removes the stomach churning pain of cold calling. It puts me back in the driving seat of my marketing machine and means that I can take alternative direct action while waiting for client decisions.

Running a professional services firm is not easy and when work is hard to come by it is tempting to floor your prices along the road to ruin!

However, if you can create a lead generation machine like ours, then you have a predictable deal flow, more options and that strengthens your bargaining position when agreeing prices.

Anyway, if you want to see how you can set up your own “Autopilot Lead Generation System” then check out my report:

Who Else Wants to Rake in Hungry Customers with a Plain Old Stupid Website

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