HTML Meta Tags That Rock!

The tool I’m introducing today is the Meta Tag. Meta Tags are embedded in web pages and describe the page for Search Engines but are invisible to human visitors. They allow you to define the:

  • Page Title
  • Description and
  • Keywords

When you type a search phrase, the entries that come back in the Google list show these Meta tags. Most websites don’t bother to fill them in. Therefore, Google shows some random lines from the page instead. For instance here’s one cryptic entry that I found:

Dismissing fairly

eg dismissal of an employee who was taken on as a temporary replacement for an employee on maternity leave. However, for such a dismissal to be fair,

I don’t think that I’d click on this description; it’s just not very compelling!

Much better to write your Meta tags the same way that you’d write an advert. If the searcher typed in Employee Dismissal imagine how powerful this might be:

Just One Small HR Mistake Cost This Small Business Owner His Company

Download free tool that shows you how to safely manage disciplinary meetings without fear of comeback.

Or, for a performance management coach how about:

Are You Getting What You Deserve From Your Small Business?

Download free tool to set you on the right path for high performance business achievement.

And best of all, these Google Adverts don’t cost you anything!

3 thoughts on “HTML Meta Tags That Rock!

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