Attracting Traffic With Great Content

Now key to online marketing is the generation of content rich sites that target the specific keyword phrases that are typed into the search engines by your customers.

So for instance, if people type in “Mortgages for people with bad credit ratings” You would write an article that advises your customers what sort of mortgages to go for, how they can fix their bad credit scores and how to minimise the negative effects.

At this point, many of my clients throw their hands up in horror at the prospect of having to write endless articles.

But look at it this way; it’s no different to directly answering your customers’ questions and objections. Next time you have one of those phone conversations with a customer, record the dialogue and make that the basis for an article. When you publish the article, you are now addressing all your potential prospects and demonstrating your expertise to a much larger audience.

With time you will develop a cult following within your niche market. Customers will actively seek you out and be prepared to pay more as a result.

I am now looking for service providers who want to use our marketing services to become highly sought after experts in their chosen markets.

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