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How to capture website visitors with appropriate bribes and contact forms

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Machine: The Most Powerful Marketing System

The true power of referral marketing is common knowledge among many business owners and yet it’s surprising how few people have a proper system for getting the most from referrals.

  • How many testimonials have you got  sitting in your bottom drawer? even if you bothered to collect the testimonials at all.
  • Do you encourage referrals? or do you run a mile just as soon as the job is done. Continue reading
mortgage lead

How the Internet Can Get You the Ultimate Mortgage Lead

There are several ways to get a mortgage lead, both offline and online. Once you have a good proposition, you can try a lot of different strategies to generate these leads. Getting these leads is very important to create business opportunities and advance ahead.

Offline strategies

One of the most popular offline strategies is to build relationships and enhance your network to generate more leads. Giving seminars to interested people and networking with estate agents, human resource managers, financial planners, solicitors and relocation companies are all very important to get client referrals. Cross selling or getting cross references is very important to extend your network and get a new mortgage lead. Most important is to establish strong relationships with estate agents dealing with mortgages.

Online strategies

There are numerous online strategies to get a mortgage lead. One of the more effective ways is to go for a direct mail marketing campaign which will target the right audience with your proposition. It’s important to analysing the demographics and identify the segment that provides the greatest opportunity to get clients.

Writing articles online at various property forums and also advising people at top mortgage sites is another way of getting a mortgage lead. In fact, there are a lot of article directories online, where potential clients visit looking for information about mortgage products, rates, property scenarios, financing options etc. Each of these sites offers a genuine opportunity to get a mortgage lead and extend your business. You can try advertising or internet marketing strategies to get more people to look at your proposition. There are quite a few sites designed explicitly to help draw customers and offer you the mortgage lead you are looking for.

Benefits of Online strategies over offline ones

There are a lot of advantages that online strategies hold over offline strategies. The first difference is the numbers. While offline referrals and networking would get you a mortgage lead now and then, online strategies allow you to be known to thousands of people in the region, some whom you wouldn’t even know. Online lead generation is much more focused and often targets the kind of clients you are looking for.

On the other hand, when it comes to offline strategies you cannot place a finger on where your next mortgage lead will come from. There are massive online databases that have loads of information about the customer demographics to target and market analysis. There isn’t the need of any guesswork at all about the data on the consumers. Often online deals could lead to testimonials that you can effectively use on your site or other sites to influence more clients.

And perhaps the most important point is that your web site will continue generate leads for your 24×7 if you get your strategy right.  It becomes an automatic salesperson driving that ultimate mortgage lead to your door.

To find out how you can develop your own lead generation system for the ultimate mortage lead, download our free report now.

internet advertising marketing

Internet Advertising Marketing – Will It Bring New Customers To My Door

More and more companies are now allocating part of their budget for internet advertising marketing but will it  bring new customers to your business?

Building a loyal client base through internet advertising marketing doesn’t happen overnight and one has to use all the right strategies and methods to ensure that more and more potential customers visit the website where the products and services are being promoted.

Benefits of internet advertising marketing and how it works

Business owners with limited budgets can make every penny count through internet advertising marketing. Often a store, its staff and maintenance can be a big drain on the business. On the other hand, attracting prospective online customers helps to avoid all those costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of the business. This in turn can be shared with the customers. Lower prices are always more attractive from a customer’s perspective. A good website with interactive features and 24 X 7 customer support service to answer the queries that interested visitors may have, is a good start for internet advertising marketing.

At the heart of a good website is the content on the pages.  This needs to be optimized for search engines, so that when someone looking for those products and services online searches with specific search phrases, your site comes up on the first page of the search engine lists.

The next step would be to generate more leads to the website where your products or services are on offer. Lead generation can be done through select postings on various forums, blogs and social networking sites online to appeal to the target audience. For example, if you are offering electronics goods, posting on blogs that talk about technology and the latest gadgets could drive a lot of potential customers to your site.

Another kind of lead generation is the pay per click ad service, where ads are selectively placed on sites which attract a large number of visitors who are your target audience as well. You need to pay those sites for every ad clicked by a visitor to come to your site. This enhances traffic to your site, and over a few months a steady traffic is built.

All these are different ways of internet advertising marketing to generate traffic to your site.

The downside of internet advertising marketing

There are a few disadvantages of internet advertising marketing. The first is obviously the turnaround time. Unlike a brick and mortar store which can be promoted to bring customers right from the first day, online sites will take time to gain popularity. It takes time and effort to get the content in place and optimise your site.  One has to use analytics to constantly monitor the traffic to a site and how many visitors it is attracting every day. Business owners also need to monitor which other sites are generating traffic and which ones aren’t, so that less money is wasted on advertisements placed on the latter. All this has to be done constantly until the site creates its own niche over a period of time.

But get it right and the rewards far outweigh the effort.  You’ll be getting floods of new customers to your business.

To find out how you can drive customers to your own site, download our free report now.

Is Kajabi the end of WordPress?

I think you all know that I’m a big fan of wordpress. Quite simply, I’ve never found anything better for attracting traffic over the internet and publishing my content.

Then 3 months ago I started beta testing Kajabi, this is a premium content delivery platform from Internet Guru Andy Jenkins and I’ve now become a fan. Not only does it deliver the content, but it also stimulates audience interaction and takes the payment. It’s a complete information marketing system in a box.

Well it’s not out yet, but you can download a Kajabi internet marketing report at:

Better still, there’s no optin or any other hurdle. It seems that Andy Jenkins has got so many leads on his list, he just doesn’t need any more.

Incidentally, don’t panic, it’s not a substitute for WordPress. When it come to traffic generation – WordPress is still K I N G ! … But it’s a great augmentation for delivering your content to your WordPress customers.

Hopefully the software will be out soon!

sales lead generation

Sales Lead Generation – How to Get Red Hot Customer Leads from your Website

Is your website working hard for you as a sales lead generation tool?

Your web site can be so much more than just a pretty brochure that tells your target customers all about your business. They’ve come to your site and found out a bit more about the services you offer but what next?

Are they going to hit the back button and go off to one of your competitor’s sites or are they inspired to leave their details with you or call you up. Because if they are not taking some sort of positive action to put business your way, it’s fair to say that your web site has failed in its main aim – to generate new business leads.

Put simply, your web site should be working hard for you by getting you new sales leads.

So how do you turn your current static site into the ultimate sales lead generation tool?

  • First you need to work out who your target market is and how you find them online – what keywords they use in their searches.
  • Then you need to get yourself seen online for those search terms through optimisation techniques. (That’s a whole different ballgame and not one I have time to address in this article).
  • Now here comes the really essential bit – when they come to your site you need a way of keeping them there and capturing their details so you can follow them up. Whether you are trying to get business to business leads or appealing to the general public, we all fiercely guard our personal details. You need to offer something pretty special in order for people to part with their email or phone number. There are many ways of doing this, giving a free report, a discount voucher, access to an information video and so on.

Get this right and your sales lead generation is working. You should have a list of hot sales lead to email or call up. Now it’s up to you to sell them something!

Want to find out how to develop a sales lead generation for your business – download our free “Internet Lead Generation Blueprint”

Free Consulting Report

How To Get Clients Today

Quickly Get Your Professional Service Business Off The Ground With These Handy Videos That Show You How To Get Clients Now

My name is Raglan Tribe and I’ve made a few videos to help you “kick-start” your consulting or coaching career.  Now one of the biggest barriers to setting up your own professional service practice is getting clients! You can’t really call yourself a consultant, coach or service provider until you’ve bagged your first client.   If you’re  struggling to get clients then these videos will quickly get you started.

I’ve been consulting since 2003 and have won all kinds of clients from Government to large companies such as: Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Toshiba, Finmeccanica all the way down to the very smallest of businesses. Either way, my approach is very similar. You see, it doesn’t really matter how big the organisation is, it all comes down to building relationships with individuals and the techniques are universal.

Focus on Relationship Building

  • You need to build a relationship over time before they trust you enough to undertake the service.
  • First you become visible to a client, either because of something that you’ve written or maybe a talk that you’ve given and they approach you or you go to them.
  • Next you make contact and you both agree to some follow up meeting. All the time, your credibility is growing .
  • You listen to their requirements at the follow up meeting, maybe give a presentation and this may lead to further meetings with their colleagues.
  • Then eventually you bond and connect with a potential buyer who is authorised to contract your service.
  • You reach conceptual agreement then there comes the critical stage of clinching the deal in the form of a proposal that gets contractually accepted by the client.
  • Now you deliver the assignment with great results so that they keep coming back for more and more business.  Not only that, they also refer other business to you and your practise grows in line with your delivery success.

But there are plenty of challenges.  It takes time to get clients and land the deal and that’s time without any earnings.  Your fees have to be high to recover all the lost marketing time.  There’s endless frustration with follow up and chasing.  You can’t control the flow of business with multiple opportunities on the go.  After a while you’ll rely more and more on repeat business from existing clients. This is a good sign as it demonstrates good delivery, but it also can limit the growth of your practise.

But I told you that you can get clients today! So how do you overcome these obstacles and build high value relationships that yield business without sacrificing all your precious time. Well you either focus on prospects where you aready have a relationship such as ex colleagues or previous customers or the answer lies in Web Chemistry.

So What Is Web Chemistry?

… and How Can It Get Clients Today

Web Chemistry is a structured approach for getting clients and managing new client relationships over the internet.  I’ve put together a short video on web chemistry and in it I show you:

  • How to position your expertise online and avoid the cycle of feast and famine
  • How to save time and the frustration of endless follow-up
  • The top 3 strategies that build residual income streams and that raise your daily fees
  • The most critical factor for selling high value services over the internet (hint: it’s not relationship building)
  • How to consistently manage and control your sales funnel  to achieve the right level of client flow

Web Chemistry helps you  build strong relationships and position your expertise online to secure high value clients, even while you sleep.

Watch my video to find out more and get clients now.

7 Steps to Create Your Own Web Based Lead Generation System

7 Steps to create your own lead generation system

Finding new customers in this climate is harder than ever and your web site could be the best marketing tool that you possess.  If it’s not bringing in new leads for your business, then what purpose is it really serving?

Whether you’ve got an existing web site that isn’t working hard enough or you haven’t got one in place yet, I’ve put together a 7 step process to help you create your own web based lead generation system and bring lots of customers your way.

Step 1: Market research and segment prioritisation

You can be anything you want to be but you can’t be all things to all people, Dr Glenn Livingston

Otherwise you will lack focus and credibility.

So what does that mean?  You have to get to know your market and work out who you want to appeal to the most.

  • Carry out keyword research – find keywords and phrases which relate to your products or services. Use tools like “Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Segment your market based on the keyword research findings
  • Prioritise those segments
  • Be very focused at appealing to those priority segments.  You can only have one headline on your web page. What will yours be?
  • (Read my blog 2 Niche Finder Golden Rules for more tips)

Step 2:  Set up a domain name

If you’ve already got a website, I’m guessing your domain name reflects your company name in some way. But how are people going to stumble across your site if they have no idea who you are?

What you want is to find a domain name that is close to the term that your customers are searching for; this brings in targeted website traffic. Now the search engines know you are highly relevant and put you high on their list.

Having decided on your domain name, here’s a quick tip.  Register your domain name independently from your hosting company so it’s yours to move where you want, without being tied to one hosting company. and are domain registration companies we often use.

Step 3:  Hosting and web set up

You need build your website on a content management system (CMS) platform to allow you to add your own content on a regular basis.  It needs to be search engine friendly with pretty urls and metatag set ups.  We’re big fans of the WordPress CMS system. (Don’t worry if this all sounds alien, it will become clear as these blogs unfold).

The structure of the website needs to be search engine friendly.  Optimise every aspect of your site including the invisible descriptions seen only by the robot crawlers. But most importantly: the highly visible domain name, title and headings can increase the rankings of your website tenfold.  You need to make certain that key sections are addressed such as Contact Us pages.   Not only will this have a big impact on Google quality scores but it provides an opportunity to build a layer of trust with your audience, as the users gets a sense of a bonafide company behind the website.

Step 4:  Content creation

Content is king online.  But remember you need to create content not just on your web pages, but on your posts, blogs, autoresponders, lead magnets to name but a few.

When you are thinking about the type of content you need to create for your priority market segment, an important step is to understand the difference between content that fulfils a point of entry requirement and content that fulfils a point of differentiation requirement.

Let me explain. Point of entry information is a mandatory requirement to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. However, your customers can find out the same information in a lot of other places too. On the other hand, information that differentiates takes you a cut above the pack. Customers want to know this information  and are having great difficulty finding the answers elsewhere.

For instance, I think most customers understand the importance of building a list and have a fairly good idea how to do it. A differentiator would be, how to build a list of hyper-repsonsive customers. The 20% of raving fans that are far more likely to buy, rather than the 80% of customer that don’t respond and just clog up your systems.

Points of differentiation will set yourself apart from your competitors, grab their attention and prove that you know your stuff.  They would be hard pushed to find this out anywhere else unless they parted with some money or did some serious research.

Think of your website in the same way.   Make sure you provide information that addresses the point of entry requirements at your first contact with them, then in order to get them to sign up or visit again, give them a flavour of the point of differentiation information they will learn.  You want to put good stuff after you have got their details but you want to allude to it before.  They need to have an incentive to sign up.

Step 5:  Autoresponder service

It’s very unlikely that your customers will buy from you straight off.  You have to develop trust from a series of exposures.  Email auto responders are a great way of doing this.  You can keep expanding the information and build trust over a series of emails rather than trying to get your information across in one hit. We use Aweber which you can find at:

It’s important to set up a proper auto-responder service rather than using an autoresponder script built into your website. No-one likes receiving spam.  Subscribing to services like aweber keeps you out of spammers jail by providing double opt-in and proof of sign up features, as well as giving you sophisticated analytics and messaging management.

Step 6:  Set up your promotional campaign

Before running any campaign to increase your traffic you need to have analytics in place, otherwise any optimisation efforts will be pure guess work.  It’s likely that you will have multiple campaigns running.  Whether it’s pay per click, with multiple keyword groups and split testing or an organic campaign, you need to be able to monitor it.  I recommend Google Analytics, a comprehensive and free service.

The types of promotional campaign you will carry out will grow with your experience.  Whether its onsite optimisation such as keyword stuffing, or offsite optimisation through backlinks, JVs, article marketing and so on, it’s important to develop a checklist to make sure you cover off all the possibilities and monitor your analytics closely.

Step 7:   Optimisation

You can’t start optimisation until you have a feedback loop in place.  Every change you make you can assess in the context of traffic, conversion sales, leads and so on.

Now begin the optimisation:

  • Create your system
  • Run the system
  • Check your analytics
  • Identify the weakest point
  • Fix
  • Monitor improvements
  • Look for next weakest point and run the system again

Addressing anything other than the weakest point is wasteful because it will not compensate for that weakest point.

If this all seems too much, it is worth it, this will generate business and generally it will be new business that you couldn’t have reached through other means.  So persevere.

For more information on web based lead generation systems download my free report now.

P.S.  If you’re in a hurry to set up your own web based lead generation system or you unsure of where to start yourself, get in touch and we can do the whole lot or a mix according to your budget.   Some clients handle all the research and content generation and leave us to do the technical part, for others we do the whole shebang.

I tried so hard my head fell off…

If you’re like me, your head is probably starting to spin with the zillions of internet marketing techniques out there.  Are you starting to make headway or yet to make sense of it all?

For me, there was a lot to get to grips with when I was starting out but a lesson I learnt early on was to develop a relationship with your customers.

You pay all this money through pay per click (PPC) or other search engine optimisation tactics to get a visitor to your site, they come and visit but they’re not ready to buy anything.  They just want to do a bit of research and move on quickly, they click away and you’ve lost them for good. Continue reading

Autopilot Lead Generation for Professional Services

In this recession, we’re all having to work harder than ever before to win customers. I think the most frustrating element isn’t getting a rejection, but endless delays and procrastination from the customer.

Of course, it’s understandable – budgets are tight and there are just so many more stakeholders involved in any purchasing decision. But how do you stop yourself from going insane with all the chasing and waiting?

In my case, I use my lead capture system. Everyday 2-3 people subscribe to my newsletter and a third of you have left me your phone number and highlighted your greatest challenges.

Following up with your calls is now a breeze, somehow it completely removes the stomach churning pain of cold calling. It puts me back in the driving seat of my marketing machine and means that I can take alternative direct action while waiting for client decisions.

Running a professional services firm is not easy and when work is hard to come by it is tempting to floor your prices along the road to ruin!

However, if you can create a lead generation machine like ours, then you have a predictable deal flow, more options and that strengthens your bargaining position when agreeing prices.

Anyway, if you want to see how you can set up your own “Autopilot Lead Generation System” then check out my report:

Who Else Wants to Rake in Hungry Customers with a Plain Old Stupid Website

Lead Capture

Now you’re beginning to see how your website can start creating real customers. Better still, they’re coming to you and this vastly improves your negotiating position when setting price. In any negotiation, the side that has the most options has the strongest position and there’s nothing like a steady stream of customers for building your price.

Besides, customers expect to climb the mountain to meet the guru – not the other way round.

But it doesn’t stop there, you have to land the fish, bring them in and create a lasting relationship before you’ve got a proper customer.

Read full article here …