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The marketing process for managing internet positioning and sales

Strategy Internet Marketing

Strategy Internet Marketing for Improving Online Business

If you want to spread the presence of your online business it’s important to get your strategy internet marketing in place.  Your strategy has to be specific to the product and service offered and more importantly suit the audience you are targeting. You need to understand the demographics of the market being targeted have analytics and have analytics in place to measure the success of your Strategy internet marketing.

Addressing the audience

Different audiences use the internet and react to marketing campaigns very differently. An online business should focus on the primary audience and design their promotional strategies accordingly. For example, a product targeting women should have a different promotional campaign online compared to something that purely targets men. The sites and the places one would advertise the product or services would also be different for men and women.

Blogging and forum posting

The blogs and forums that your target customers usually visit should be an important part of your strategy internet marketing.  Selecting the right forums to talk about the product or the service is very important. These blogs and forums also help in driving traffic towards the website that you are trying to promote or advertise. Experienced consultants usually offer strategy internet marketing as a solution to identify the right traffic sources and promote the product or services there. These sources could be anything from article directories to social networking sites enjoying a wide variety of audiences looking for solutions to their problems.

Using social networking

Strategy internet marketing uses social networking to a great level these days to measure the buzz around a particular product. Social networking websites are amongst the most visited sites on the internet and emphasis should be laid on promoting your website or product on the social networking sites. Whether it is Twitter or Facebook, using them to find out how much people are interested in the upcoming product or service, will help giving indicators to business owners. Similarly they also offer a platform to talk about the product and answer queries of potential customers. Social networking sites can be a good place to get genuine feedback that can help business improve their products and services in order to reach out to a greater part of the audience.

Personal interactive strategies

Personal promotion in the form of direct mail campaigns is something that online businesses can consider as far as strategy internet marketing is concerned. Direct mail campaigns can target a specific audience, for example of a particular place, in a certain income bracket. This strategy works well in some cases and once again depends on the kind of product or service that you are offering.

This just gives you a flavour of strategy internet marketing tactics you can follow – check out the rest of our site for more information.

Internet Video Marketing Seminar

Internet Video Marketing

Learn How To Increase Conversions and

Build Traffic Online

In the future, the internet will be one huge billion channel television. The marketing for all businesses will be impacted by this dramatic change. Don’t get left behind in the Video Marketing race to your customers.

Raglan Tribe and Mark Edmunds

Raglan Tribe from will be giving a talk on “ways of getting more Customers using Video”.

Mark Edmunds from will then continue with a short talk on “the process of making videos and how simple it can be”

Friday 12th November, 10.00 to 13.00 at the

Southampton Basepoint.

Register Today!

07922 258090

If you are unable to make this event but would like to know more about Marketing on the Internet using Video then please sign-up with the login form on the right of this page for free videos and blueprints.

Join us in Meeting Room 1, Southampton Basepoint Centre Anderson’s Road, Southampton, SO14 5FE.

There is some parking available on site; please obtain a permit from reception.

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Web Internet Marketing

Web Internet Marketing: An overview

In this era when we can order our weekly shop online rather than visit our local supermarket, it is important for any business to have a presence on the internet.

Web internet marketing makes your website prominent for potential customers using Google, Yahoo or Bing. The basic process for web internet marketing is to:

  • Regularly update your website.
  • Make sure all the Meta tags and content is relevant for the visitor.
  • Submit the website URL to search engines.
  • You can also use pay per click advertising to instantly get traffic.

The pay per click method or PPC, popularly configured with Google AdWords and Ad Sense immediately gets you ranked on the advertisement section of Google. This brings targeted traffic to your website and will increase your conversions.

The most important part of the process of web internet marketing, which is often missed by many online businesses, is to understand that it is a continuous process, which needs attention and continuous effort for best results.

Your competitors are also promoting their businesses online with a possibility of a better consistency and focus. Your website may appear on the first page of Google but without the attention it deserves your website could fall and be replaced by a competitors website which is regularly updated, provides rich interesting content and converts potential leads into customers.

Here are some key mantras practiced and promoted by web internet marketing gurus:

Update site more often! Keep your site updated with new interesting content regularly, this will mean you get bookmarked and repeat visits.

Social media is helpful and really plays a big part in business promotion on the web. If a customer is pleased by your company, they are more likely to recommend you on their website, facebook, twitter or a forum.

A well optimised site, which has the keyword you are trying to rank for in the meta tag, heading, and URL is easier to promote and needs lesser efforts.

Web internet marketing is a set of activities, chosen carefully, to perform and promote your website for best in the class results. For a general site, offering a business-to-business solutions the web internet marketing plan should be a monthly press release, bi-monthly blog post, bi-weekly twitter update and keep an eye on visitor trends daily. A word of caution, whilst building back links to your website, it is important to resist the temptation to submit the site all over the internet and try and keep it to a maximum of 60 back link creations each month.

Web internet marketing take time and effort, but the results are plenty of traffic to your website.

internet advertising marketing

Internet Advertising Marketing – Will It Bring New Customers To My Door

More and more companies are now allocating part of their budget for internet advertising marketing but will it  bring new customers to your business?

Building a loyal client base through internet advertising marketing doesn’t happen overnight and one has to use all the right strategies and methods to ensure that more and more potential customers visit the website where the products and services are being promoted.

Benefits of internet advertising marketing and how it works

Business owners with limited budgets can make every penny count through internet advertising marketing. Often a store, its staff and maintenance can be a big drain on the business. On the other hand, attracting prospective online customers helps to avoid all those costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of the business. This in turn can be shared with the customers. Lower prices are always more attractive from a customer’s perspective. A good website with interactive features and 24 X 7 customer support service to answer the queries that interested visitors may have, is a good start for internet advertising marketing.

At the heart of a good website is the content on the pages.  This needs to be optimized for search engines, so that when someone looking for those products and services online searches with specific search phrases, your site comes up on the first page of the search engine lists.

The next step would be to generate more leads to the website where your products or services are on offer. Lead generation can be done through select postings on various forums, blogs and social networking sites online to appeal to the target audience. For example, if you are offering electronics goods, posting on blogs that talk about technology and the latest gadgets could drive a lot of potential customers to your site.

Another kind of lead generation is the pay per click ad service, where ads are selectively placed on sites which attract a large number of visitors who are your target audience as well. You need to pay those sites for every ad clicked by a visitor to come to your site. This enhances traffic to your site, and over a few months a steady traffic is built.

All these are different ways of internet advertising marketing to generate traffic to your site.

The downside of internet advertising marketing

There are a few disadvantages of internet advertising marketing. The first is obviously the turnaround time. Unlike a brick and mortar store which can be promoted to bring customers right from the first day, online sites will take time to gain popularity. It takes time and effort to get the content in place and optimise your site.  One has to use analytics to constantly monitor the traffic to a site and how many visitors it is attracting every day. Business owners also need to monitor which other sites are generating traffic and which ones aren’t, so that less money is wasted on advertisements placed on the latter. All this has to be done constantly until the site creates its own niche over a period of time.

But get it right and the rewards far outweigh the effort.  You’ll be getting floods of new customers to your business.

To find out how you can drive customers to your own site, download our free report now.

online marketing services

How Online Marketing Services Can Get You New Business Leads

Online marketing services are increasingly playing a major role in bringing more business to companies.

With the popularity of the internet world ever on the increase, a large number of people are turning online to know more about companies, the products and services that are offered and the feedback. This is why more and more companies too are using the help from online marketing services to make the best use of the potential of the online market. A wide spectrum of online marketing services is usually provided by the internet experts, whose effectiveness can be measured directly by the increase in business.

  • Search engine optimization
    This is the most popular service offered by a firm with expertise of online marketing. Usually this is one of the most effective ways to attract a large number of potential customers to the site. Tailoring the content of the site and designing the web with the right principles allows the web pages to get high search engine ranking when someone looks for information about products and services online. Optimizing the web design and also the text, with the right use of keywords and regular analytics to find out what techniques are working to bring the ranking of the site up and what aren’t, is the job of experts. With so many sites offering similar services and products, unless a site ends up on the first page of the search lists, there is little chance of attracting traffic.
  • Pay per click advertising
    This is another effective technique used to generate traffic to the site. Firms that offer online marketing services look for popular sites where the target audience of the site often visits. The pay per click advertisement on those sites ensure that a company doesn’t have to spend a lot of its budget on advertising and only need to pay up when the visitors click on the ad to visit the site. The key is to identify sites where a large number of visitors would be interested in the products and services offered at the site and would hence click on the ads.
  • Posting on forums and blogs
    There are a large number of sites which enjoy healthy internet traffic because of their blogs and content. Such sites usually provide information on various topics which is why they get a lot of traffic. Online marketing services provided by experts include identifying such blogs and forums and posting there about the company they are advertising. Providing expert views and talking about the site will help divert some of the traffic to this site. The more the number of blogs and forums where the site is advertised, more would be the internet traffic generated and diverted to the main site.
  • Promoting on Social networking sites
    An effective part of promoting a site also includes advertising the services and products on social networking sites which enjoy a healthy audience these days. Whether it is through communities, product pages or fan pages, all of them help diverting more traffic to the main site where potential customers gets a chance to provide business.

To find out how you can use online marketing services to get more business, download our free report now.

Internet Search Marketing

Internet Search Marketing- Popular Ways to do it

Internet search marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of the internet and the World Wide Web. It can be SEO, banner ads, online classified advertising, social network advertising or e-mail campaigns.

The Advantage of Internet Search Marketing

A definite advantage of online marketing compared to traditional marketing is, that it is neither limited in space nor in time. This enables new possibilities. Companies can suddenly reach out to customers thousands of miles away. For example: an Asian electronic device company advertising on websites that are mainly visited by Europeans.

This way of development presents new challenges and problems for advertisers. Nowadays advertisers not only have to convince the population of a city or a country to buy a certain product. They have to market products and services in a way that it is appealing to the global community.

The rapid increase of online advertisement brought up the concerning issue of unethical advertising. Advertising companies that market unethically, place flash banners on websites that annoy the reader, making him want to see where the banner leads. After clicking on the banner people would often find misleading information or scam products. However, it is important to realize that not only advertizing companies can be unethical, even so are the websites that allow these companies to use their banners on them.

In spite of that, ethical advertising is something much more positive. It uses small adverts which are not disturbing the visitor of the actual website. They normally also contain backlinks that lead to verified content instead of a malware.

Online advertising might be efficient and global, nevertheless it also raises the issue of privacy. Advertising branches that market on third party websites have access to visitor statistics. These people can see how many visitors were on the website at a certain time. Access to geographical data regarding to visitors is also available to them.

One of the most widely used internet search marketing techniques is the use of SEO (search engine optimised) articles. Websites owners assign special writers that write keyword based articles for them. These articles have to be interesting and informative, so people want to read them and stay on the website. However their main purpose is to rank websites higher in various search engines.

Comments on blog posts including backlinks is also common. The writer comments on a blog post that has got plenty of visitors. His comment is intelligent and includes a link that leads to the advertised website. People who read the comment will follow up the link because they liked the comment of the writer.

Internet Search Marketing is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Many people have become rich through it. However some of them achieved their goals through unethical advertising. For this reason it is important to state that online advertising should be rewarding for people who do it but it must also stay ethical and legal. People buy products because they trust the seller, that is why honesty and trust needs to remain in this business sector.

To find out more about which form of internet search marketing you should use for your business, download our free report now.

Is Kajabi the end of WordPress?

I think you all know that I’m a big fan of wordpress. Quite simply, I’ve never found anything better for attracting traffic over the internet and publishing my content.

Then 3 months ago I started beta testing Kajabi, this is a premium content delivery platform from Internet Guru Andy Jenkins and I’ve now become a fan. Not only does it deliver the content, but it also stimulates audience interaction and takes the payment. It’s a complete information marketing system in a box.

Well it’s not out yet, but you can download a Kajabi internet marketing report at:

Better still, there’s no optin or any other hurdle. It seems that Andy Jenkins has got so many leads on his list, he just doesn’t need any more.

Incidentally, don’t panic, it’s not a substitute for WordPress. When it come to traffic generation – WordPress is still K I N G ! … But it’s a great augmentation for delivering your content to your WordPress customers.

Hopefully the software will be out soon!

sales lead generation

Sales Lead Generation – How to Get Red Hot Customer Leads from your Website

Is your website working hard for you as a sales lead generation tool?

Your web site can be so much more than just a pretty brochure that tells your target customers all about your business. They’ve come to your site and found out a bit more about the services you offer but what next?

Are they going to hit the back button and go off to one of your competitor’s sites or are they inspired to leave their details with you or call you up. Because if they are not taking some sort of positive action to put business your way, it’s fair to say that your web site has failed in its main aim – to generate new business leads.

Put simply, your web site should be working hard for you by getting you new sales leads.

So how do you turn your current static site into the ultimate sales lead generation tool?

  • First you need to work out who your target market is and how you find them online – what keywords they use in their searches.
  • Then you need to get yourself seen online for those search terms through optimisation techniques. (That’s a whole different ballgame and not one I have time to address in this article).
  • Now here comes the really essential bit – when they come to your site you need a way of keeping them there and capturing their details so you can follow them up. Whether you are trying to get business to business leads or appealing to the general public, we all fiercely guard our personal details. You need to offer something pretty special in order for people to part with their email or phone number. There are many ways of doing this, giving a free report, a discount voucher, access to an information video and so on.

Get this right and your sales lead generation is working. You should have a list of hot sales lead to email or call up. Now it’s up to you to sell them something!

Want to find out how to develop a sales lead generation for your business – download our free “Internet Lead Generation Blueprint”

Video SEO

Video SEO and Internet Video Marketing

Now many of you have heard me talk about the importance of establishing links from other people’s web sites to your own. Google regards websites with a large number of back links as high authority. For instance, Wikipedia has 75 million websites linking in and so it’s never far from the top of Google.

Now some sites offer free content to web masters who want to put articles on their own web sites. A few years ago, I discovered that I could put an article onto these sites with my embedded links and as people copied the articles onto their own site; I would automatically get their back links. Better still, other web masters would copy these duplicates and so the number of back links would spread exponentially.

So what’s Internet Marketing got to do with Video SEO?

Then Google stopped the party by ignoring duplicate content. They now only use the original article and discount all the clones. Hence no more rapid increase in back links.

Video SEO

Well the party has started again! You can now get the same effect with videos because Google can’t recognise copies. Better still, they index videos almost immediately. We’ve now got software for farming your videos out to 1000s of directories and video sites to power your back links.

This means, you can get to the top quickly and spread your brand across the internet using these Video SEO techniques. Besides, everyone loves videos, they act as a great engagement tool for your site visitors. Look at your site stats and you’ll see that your pages with videos keep your visitors on the site for longer.

If you’d like to exploit these video SEO and marketing techniques then sign up for the Internet Marketing Blueprint.

internet marketing agency

Don’t Choose Your Internet Marketing Agency Before You Consider These 5 Points

  1. What role does your web site play in your overall business strategy?

    Do you view your web site as an online brochure that ticks the “I’m online” box or do you view it as a way to generate new business? The very fact that you are considering employing an internet marketing agency suggests you want to make your web site work harder for your business and not just be a “pretty face”.
    Your web site can and should be one of the most important marketing tools you possess. Choose a partner that understands your business and works with you to create a strategy that brings floods of customers to your site.

  2. How much time can you invest in making your web site a success?

    There’s no getting away from it, it take effort to get your web site to the top of the search engines. Yes, there are plenty of tools and techniques to help get you there but pure elbow grease is needed to make it all happen. Do you want your internet marketing agency to undertake all of that work for you or are you prepared to put in some time as well? If it’s the latter, will they work with you and teach you how to do it?

  3. What’s your budget?

    This follows on from the last point. In order to keep costs down, you can employ an internet marketing agency to create your strategy but then you can take on the much of the work yourself – writing the copy, managing the content on the site, social networking etc. Choose a partner that allows that flexibility in pricing if that’s what you want.

  4. What’s the track record of the internet marketing agency?

    Ask them for success stories and client referrals. It’s all very well getting the site to the top of the search engines but what you really need to see is whether their sites get the visitors and do they convert those visitors into customers. Ask to see real results!

  5. Is your internet marketing agency ahead of the game?

    The world of online marketing never stays still. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms; your competitors are always trying to stay one step ahead. The techniques and tools that were working even 6 months ago maybe yesterday’s news. How does the agency keep abreast of the latest developments? What investment do they make in training and research?

There are loads of internet marketing agencies out there but you need to choose the one that you believe will bring you the most new business and you would enjoy working with.

Finally be prepared before you make your choice by doing some research. Discover more about our internet marketing agency and strategies by downloading our free “Internet Lead Generation Blueprint” report now.