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Will Internet Marketing Advertising Get My Site Seen?

Getting your website seen is the number one priority for any business owner who is serious about attracting new customers online.

But just how do you turn your website into your number one marketing weapon?  Should you use some form of internet marketing advertising?

Carrying out an Internet Marketing Advertising Campaign

The quickest method to be seen online is to conduct some form of advertising campaign. Pay per click advertising or PPC is the most common way to advertise, be it on search engines directly or on other popular sites. Some of the largest search engines like Google offer a targeted format where you pay only when someone clicks on your advert. You can set up an account, decide your cost per click value that meets your requirements and set a overall budget. If you enter a high enough value, your ad will display on relevant sites and search results to match keywords you entered in the campaign settings.

The upside is within minutes of signing up your website is visible to the world, the downside is if you don’t know what you are doing you might be throwing away all your marketing budget with little to show for it. PPC can be costly and the minute you turn off your advert, your site is nowhere to be seen.

What’s the alternative to internet marketing advertising

The alternative to internet marketing advertising is get your site to the top of the search engines through organic internet marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO) as it is termed. But where do you start? Just google “SEO” and you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of techniques and tools out there. It’s not something you can master in an hour and not surprisingly, many business owners end up paying a lot of money to SEO experts to get their sites seen.

The good news is there are some simple rules to follow that will help you get to the top of the search engine without having to spend a fortune on outside help or hours slaving over a self help manual.

We’ve put together a cheat sheet that shows you just how to structure your web site to get search engine traffic.

Download our free search engine traffic blueprint now and you may never have to consider internet marketing advertising again.

Attracting Traffic With Great Content

Now key to online marketing is the generation of content rich sites that target the specific keyword phrases that are typed into the search engines by your customers.

So for instance, if people type in “Mortgages for people with bad credit ratings” You would write an article that advises your customers what sort of mortgages to go for, how they can fix their bad credit scores and how to minimise the negative effects.

At this point, many of my clients throw their hands up in horror at the prospect of having to write endless articles.

But look at it this way; it’s no different to directly answering your customers’ questions and objections. Next time you have one of those phone conversations with a customer, record the dialogue and make that the basis for an article. When you publish the article, you are now addressing all your potential prospects and demonstrating your expertise to a much larger audience.

With time you will develop a cult following within your niche market. Customers will actively seek you out and be prepared to pay more as a result.

I am now looking for service providers who want to use our marketing services to become highly sought after experts in their chosen markets.

Where else can I get traffic?

It used to be easy getting boatloads of traffic from Google. First you’d get some keywords together, place a pay per click advert and then wait for the instant deluge.

But then came the Google slap. You see, Google’s getting picky, they want your keywords to be in step with your ad and then the ad must be instep with your landing page. If you don’t get that right, then they’ll slap you hard by charging much more for each click…. Sometimes, even 10 times more.

Now don’t worry, Michael Jones showed you how to avoid the slap in his course.

But this got me thinking, is there another way, somewhere else where you can get traffic. Maybe, somewhere that used to work just like email back in the late 1990s.

And then I stumbled across Mack Michaels. He’s cracked it… he’s found a place where 4.3 billion people go …..dozens and dozens of times everyday! and there’s very little competition.

In fact, he’s so successful at working this system, that he pulled in $328,707.47 in his first month.

Now before you ask, no it’s not MSN, Bing or Yahoo. Go and find out what it is at:

PS I’ll give you a hint, you probably also go there every day

Getting Website Traffic

Over 95% of businesses have websites that don’t attract internet traffic. The cheapest way to correct this marketing failure is search engine optimisation. You can get to the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN by understanding the methods that search engines use to index your site.

Make it easy for their robot crawlers to find your site and then associate each page with the most relevant and popular keyword phrases used by searchers to get traffic and ultimately more customers.

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